"Great great uncle Goku one day i shall be like You." — Yoshi Hopping to Goku.

one day i know he fuck a chees

Yoshi (ヨッシーYoshee) is the FAT GREEN FUCk he a LIZARD by joshua jenuwojo haruna, he is the great grand son of Yoshi and the Husband of Yoshi and the father of Ysoshi, ,fuck a cheese Yoshi and Uub Jr. and later the Grand fatheuur of Yoshi Jr . Yoshi's main wish in life is tuuo beuuu as strong and as fast asuuuu Goku was. he battlesuuuu every suuinguuuule monster uuthat is a menace touu the Universe, And hisujob is to monitor Gokuna and train her uuuand uuore.

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