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Rasetsu's father using Dragon Balls to invoke Shin no Satsui

Shin no Satsui
(True Murderous Surge) was supposedly the ultimate form of Satsui no Hadou, used by Rasetsu's clansmen, subsequently, it was even more powerful than the previous transformation by many folds, and could making the user thousands of times stronger than any normal Satsui no Hadou user. The form was only ever discovered and used by Rasetsu's grandfather, but right before his death, Rasetsu's father also entered the transformation in order to beat his grandfather in a mutual death.

Usage & PowerEdit

According to Rasetsu's grandfather, Shin no Satsui was the ultimate form not only in their lineage, but also the absolutely supreme measure of power in the universe. It was achieved by accepting the "curse of the clan" and meant giving your heart away to absolute darkness, giving the user the absolute power of a demon, and thus augmenting their strength far beyond anything imaginable by the standards of the normal Satsui no Hadou Form. This is the form which Rasetsu feared and tried to avoid at all costs no matter how dire the situation. He feared and denied to become a demon, as he could not accept it was the fate of his clansmen. While in this form the user becomes merciless and bloodthirsty, a pure evil being that wants to obliterate everything on heaven and hell and everything inbetween. During the final battle just after Rasetsu's birth, Shin no Satsui was invoked by Rasetsu's father in order to defeat his grandfather by using the wishful power of the Dragon Balls.