Satsui no Hadou ni MezametaRyu by sanwookong

Rasetsu with Satsui no Hadou

atsui no Hadou
(Surge of Murderous Intent) is the signature transformation that is used solely by members of the lineage that Rasetsu descended form. It is a far stronger power multipler than the Super Saiyan transformation and also the superior one in usefulness/potency, howerver it is a far, FAR more dangerous form and if used with little experience it can literally kill the user. It is a legendary form which is as wicked as it is powerful, but the true mysteries of Satsui no Hadou were only unlocked by key members of the clan.

Usage & PowerEdit

Satsui no Hadou stems from the genes found in the blood of Rasetsu's clan. Because of this they are considered wicked devils amongst men and abominations/monstrosities. Satsui no Hadou involves sacrificing the purity in ones martial arts for the sake of replacing it with murderous intent(hence the name) thus unlocking this transformation. It makes the user HUNDREDS of multiplications/folds more powerful than their previous, base form and also increases ones strength, speed, durability, senses, and awareness far beyond their original limitations. However, The user becomes extremely bloodlusted and blinded by murderous fury, barely contained even when around allies.

Satsui no Hadou will augment the user with the immense strength of their hatred, violence, recklessness, and other dangerous emotions in the form of pure dark energy. This vastly increases their abilities massively beyond their original limitations, making their ki become a malignant purple, their eyes get overwhelmed in a sick blood red and their skin become tanner, not to mention the eerie red glow that their hair is constantly bathed in while in this state. Satsui no Hadou also gives the user the ability to perform feats of skill, strength, and precision that are far beyond their original capabilities, such as making strikes powerful and precise enough to take down entire cities or more without so much as a single blow.