Toyble's Dragon Ball AF is a doujinshi (Japanese fan-made comic) created by the famous Toyble. Toyble started this manga in the early 2000's, in the year 2003.



The manga begins in outer space, in 763 A.D., where Frieza is saved by King Cold. An unknown figure with pink skin and a nice outfit leaves the room Frieza is in, supposedly abandoning him. She gets on board a space pod, and that's where the prologue ends.

Many Years laterEdit

The story starts many years later, in 791 A.D. (or 796 A.D.), around one year after Goku's victory over Omega Shenron. The Z Fighters have grown used to having no Goku around. Vegeta has finally gain control over his Super Saiyan 4 form, and it seems that Gohan himself has stepped up his training as well.

But when Xicor, the evil son of Goku, and essentially a Saiyan God, and his mother, the Western Supreme Kai, arrive on Earth, not even Super Saiyan 4 will prove to be enough for this new enemy. Will they be able to defeat him?

List of SagasEdit

So far, there has been only one saga, and that is the Xicor Saga. Four volumes have been released so far, and all of them involve this saga. The fifth manga, which supposedly concludes this saga, is still in production.