Daddy Jewhan

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Baby Jewhans final Form

Daddy Jewhan is Jewhan after he finally stopped being a little bitch and Daddy possessed him. Alpha donut quickly tried to rape him, but because of Jewhans Chasity belt, no dicks were revealed. Jewhan said he couldn't cum so Baby pulled out his dick and started whipping him with it. But this turned out wrong as Daddy could make his daddy cum anytime he wanted. Donut and Daddy made a deal who ever would win in a fight would get Jewhan, meaning if Daddy won he would get to keep Jewhan as his slave and if Donut won Jewhan would take over the mcdonalds schezwan sauceand still have all the power that he got from daddy cumming in him, but Daddy would still have to be in Jewhan's body.

They fought for minutes and eventually Donut go bored, but the bad thing that happened is Jewhan would permanently have to stay a bitch but Jewhan said that was alright as long he still got all of the power.