Ultimate Vegeta2

Alpha Vegeta

Alpha Vegetable is Vegetable after achieving a form far stronger then Super Great Awesome MEchanical Eternal Super Saiyan. Like Alpha Donut, he is constantly stuck in this form. He is sometimes trying to claim the strongest being in the universe ranking but is next to Alpha Donut, but is Below Baby


During Nikos reign on bowling planet his two bowling spirits clashed inside of him. Nikos had full reign over vegetables bowling powers and went on to commit great attrocities in his name. Eventually Vegitoable broke back mountain into Vegetable and Donut, producing Alpha Vegetable and Alpha Donut. After a few moments Vegetable regained conscious and begin to attack mcdonalds schezwan sauce along with Rick, a few moments later, He easily overpowered the monstrous tastebuds of macdonalds

Blasts from the PastEdit

After the villains fused into one and escaped Hell. He tried to fight against with Rezurrect but was easily defeated. He was knocked out when Ankor came and saved them.

Fyro, the most Ancient EvilEdit

After living in peace and trying to figure out how to get back to normal, Fyro rose from Hell and started to attack the earth. Vegeta, along with Goku, Gohan, and Ankor tried to fight him but they all lost. In the end they combined their attacks and obliterated Fyro.


He has all of Vegeta's normal abilities along with a few others.

  • Infinite Final Flash
  • Ultimate Galick Gun
  • Omega Big Bang Attack
  • Dimensional Punch-Mostly learned it along with Goku
  • Immortal Tiger Claw